A social media app for LGBTQ teens

Roles: UX, Branding, UI

Collaborator: Michelle Furedy


LGBTQ teens have a need for secure social network not only for socializing with members of the LGBTQ community, but also as a trusted resource to reach out to adults.


A social media platform that needs minimal information to set up an account, targeted to teenagers from ages 13-20.

  • Designed to be able to meet friends or talk to trusted adults
  • Can search threads without an account to get a feel for the application
  • Threads are organized by predetermined hashtags so that they can be easily grouped
  • Can follow people or groups that are relevant to you
  • Can easily block people who follow you
  • Can choose avatars and change the color scheme for personalization yet still privacy

Research Summary

Among LGBT youth, half (51%) have been verbally harassed at school, compared to 25% among non-LGBT students.

Only 18% of LGBT youth say they participate often or sometimes in an LGBT group outside of school.

Yet 52% say they participate very often or sometimes in an online community that addresses issues facing LGBT youth.

Roughly three-quarters (73%) of LGBT youth say they are more honest about themselves online than in the real world, compared to 43% among non-LGBT youth.

Empathy Map

Paper Prototypes to Wireframes

Task Flows

First Time User

New users can poke around the app and see if they are comfortable using it. Only when you create a new thread or join a group are you prompted to create an account. This way, the user can reference information if he/she does not feel comfortable creating an account.


Photostyle by Michelle, shared concept, refinement by Seana

We chose bright, fun colors, but kept the design simple and abstract. We made the app icon very abstract so that parents or other people with your phone would not be able to know what the app is about necessarily. We chose the name “Ally” to convey the message of a support system, with the lines supporting the letter “A.”