Online magazine for the modern feminist

My Roles: Web Design, Front-End Dev, Branding


There has recently been a movement against feminism, specifically #idontneedfeminism. What does it mean to be a modern feminist? What does feminism mean to the newest generation of women and men? How do we change people’s perspectives on feminism?


My solution was a zine-inspired, tongue-in-cheek magazine encouraging a raw and down-to-earth discussion on feminism.



The name FBomb comes from the idea that feminism has become a dirty word and women are afraid to call themselves feminists.

Using inspiration from zine culture, I designed and coded a website that showcases the artistic side of feminism. I was inspired by the feminist tones I have seen in recent zine culture. This encourages an honest and raw discussion of feminism, making it approachable. It brings humor to posing serious issues.

The other side of this website is the focus on a different country every month. The future of feminism is global feminism. With the democratization of the internet, we are more easily finding out how women in other countries live. It is a glimpse into the daily life of different cultures but through an artist’s lens.

We were tasked with finding 10 articles and designing three unique post templates. This website was designed from scratch as a WordPress theme and uses Advanced Custom Fields for the photos and content. This way, it can be updated by anyone but keep consistent styling.


The logo’s handmade sharpie roughness is inspired by the handmade, xerox style of zines. Zines are often only black and white but the covers are bright and fluorescent, so I used complementary neon green and funky pink as accent colors. The fleshy pink is a nod to the fact that pink is always associated with the feminine gender, but it is a slightly disgusting version of that color.

Coded Style Tile

Logo Iterations

Wireframes to 1st Draft

2nd Iteration of Homepage


One of 3 custom post Templates